Steffig Raff’s very first music video is called LOCO and is a parody of life itself. The gorilla, one of its main characters, represents power. And the clip features the group members playing a tennis match against this gorilla, like a battle of everyday life struggle. They face a monstrous power that attacks them relentlessly until they can no longer cope. The music video was recorded at the Rockerill in Charleroi, Belgium and was directed by Rafael Espinel and his audiovisual partner Nicolas Moins.

During the pandemic, the Belgian group distinguished itself by posting humorous and musical videos on social networks. The musicians put music on certain speeches, interviews and promotional public figures videos for a result which ironically beautifies the characters. A musical language that allowed them to create and showcase their creativity during these times of confinement.

The explanation according to Rafael Espinel, member of the group Steffig Raff: « We no longer do concerts, it is no longer allowed to make live music with an audience like before. Moreover, we cannot stop being musicians either. So we looked for ideas to continue our profession and it is by searching on the net that we found these video archives about some public figures we see every day on the news. From there came this concept».