STEFFIG RAFF, the first powerful serve of a game, is the story of a collision between musicians out of Brussels, crazy about tennis and the hallowed sounds of rock, groove and electro. The result is a fusion of the electronic and organic, drawing its energy from traditional and modern trance music, like a passing shot and a lob merging for a fleeting moment.

Their ball machines are synthetic and acoustic instruments : saxophones, synthetizers, electric guitar, sampler, drums and percussion.

Their racket to smash the ambiance is the singer’s voice, powerful, soulful and savage like a forehand hit down the sideline.

Professional, charismatic and aesthtic… discover the charms and precision of STEFFIG RAFF, travel the world with them in their quest for the Grand Slams !

STEFFIG RAFF consists of Rafael Espinel (guitar and voice), leader of La Chiva Gantiva ; Raphaƫl Laguerre (keyboards and sampler), former keyboard player for the Peas Project ; Tuan Ho Duc (sax and electric sax), alto from La Chiva Gantiva ; and Danny Millan (drums and percussions).